In Class Comic #221: Whatever This Is


If I were reading this comic I would be wondering why the format and lettering of the comic keeps jumping around.  Well, the painful truth is that I do not make these strips in a linear fashion.  I started this story-line last semester.  During, those three month I drew about nine months of comics.  However, this semester Mary Anne’s story-line got quite a bit of attention so I finished that up (It just sort of dropped off originally).  Now I return to this story-line, which is, of course, quite long  so you can expect some additional flirting between formats before we return to a sense of normality in the design.

In Class Comic #220


Today we return to Rosa Maria and Anne Mary.  Yesterday’s comic concluded Mary Anne’s story-line…for now.  I know I left a lot of questions unanswered, but that was intentional, you’re going to have to read the comic and wait to discover the rest of the nefarious plot.

In Class Comic #219: The Man in the Shadows


Who could have seen that coming?!

I know, probably everyone.  I kind of telegraphed it in my last comic and it’s horribly cliche, but I felt I had to do this at least once.

You may have guessed who this character was, but I bet you won’t guess what historical figure he’s molded after.