In Class Comic #220


Today we return to Rosa Maria and Anne Mary.  Yesterday’s comic concluded Mary Anne’s story-line…for now.  I know I left a lot of questions unanswered, but that was intentional, you’re going to have to read the comic and wait to discover the rest of the nefarious plot.

In Class Comic #219: The Man in the Shadows


Who could have seen that coming?!

I know, probably everyone.  I kind of telegraphed it in my last comic and it’s horribly cliche, but I felt I had to do this at least once.

You may have guessed who this character was, but I bet you won’t guess what historical figure he’s molded after.

Defenders of the Racing World #7: Iron, Stael, and Doom


And here’s another comic from my brother Robert.  Who captured our hero and what is his nefarious purpose?  Who is Doom and why is our hero calling him.  Who are Steel and Iron and what do they want? Join us next week as we answer some of these questions and raise a whole bunch more…I think, I don’t actually know.  I see these comics approximately 24 hours before you do.

In Class Comic #219: Pure Evil


You have to try close ups occasionally or your just not an artist.

Yes, I’m back.  I know I took a short break right after I came back last time, but now my summer classes are over and I should be able to keep a consistent schedule.  I’ve added comics for every day this week so If your following the story please be sure to hit the back button.