In Class Comic #257: Help!


I don’t draw toilets very often (for obvious reasons), but I think that one is pretty good.


In Class Comic #253: Monsters


Can you blame Cymbal?

Defenders of the Racing World #7: Iron, Stael, and Doom


And here’s another comic from my brother Robert.  Who captured our hero and what is his nefarious purpose?  Who is Doom and why is our hero calling him.  Who are Steel and Iron and what do they want? Join us next week as we answer some of these questions and raise a whole bunch more…I think, I don’t actually know.  I see these comics approximately 24 hours before you do.

Defenders of the Racing World #6: Upgrade


And Defenders of the Racing World is back too!

I’m not sure why this let down caused Chicken Man to flat-line, but man my kid brother has some mad organ drawing skills.  He put a lot of heart into that cardiovascular system.

Defenders of the Raceworld #4: Chicken Man

After being chased from earth by the police, then chased from another dimension by monsters, the Easter Bunny and some girl teleported back to earth with an explosive egg, now….

Arguably an Easter chicken would make more sense.